Maintenance Break – Blog Not Available

[UPDATE 3.1]

29 January 2018
Manila, Philippines

Good day to you.

It has been two years since my last post in this blog. Ever since I started university, most of my attention has been redirected to school works and other related activities. Thus, I have missed a lot of opportunities to find the perfect time and schedule to keep this website up and running. With this, I extend my apologies to my followers re my absence, and incompetence in maintaining the content and integrity of my blog. I am sorry, dear readers.

My experience in the past two years in La Salle has been amazing. I learned new things and pursued new-found interests. It has also come to my attention how my enjoyment in writing is gradually turning to newer directions. My motivation to write in the format and techniques I used to do is slowly changing and evolving. Unfortunately, I have already lost a chunk of my enthusiasm to continue what I have started in this blog.

Therefore, I have come to a decision to temporarily and officially place my blog under a major maintenance and overhaul. All articles posted before 2018 will be taken off of the public domain. What I started in 2013 will remain in this account, but the privacy settings will be changed to private. New things shall come in the near future.

I hope you understand this decision. There is no definite time on how and when will this blog be updated and relaunched. But most likely, I will come back after I graduate from university – hopefully in the last quarter of 2018. Posts were already taken down on 29 January 2018.

However, I am still an active social media user. You may reach me through my email addresses and Instagram.

Business-related inquiries:
Academic-related inquiries:
Instagram: rylandiaz

I will be more than glad and grateful if you, my readers, will remain to be part of this online community. Your presence since 2013 is highly appreciated and acknowledged.

Thank you and see you soon.